A passion for wine-growing

Oberwesel is one of the most significant wine-growing municipalities in the Middle Rhine region. Every year, some 500,000 litres of the coveted liquid are pressed from the vineyards around Schönburg Castle. On the 72 hectares on the steep slopes of Schönburg Castle, the vintners mainly grow Riesling, Müller-Thurgau and Kerner varieties. With so many different quality grades, selecting your favourite wine is not easy. The easiest way to choose your favourite wine is to join in one of the wine-tasting sessions.
Oberwesel is one of the towns on the Rhine river to have suffered heavily in the wars . The old town wall is riddled with holes from canon balls and bullets. As on an old parchment, one can decipher dents made by the heavy iron balls fired by the Archbishops of Trier, the bullets from the muskets of Louis XIV, and the grapeshot from our own revolutionaries.
But today, Oberwesel is more like an old soldier turned wine-grower. Its red wine is excellent.”
Recorded in 1838 by Victor Hugo on his tour of the Rhine.
Visit one of our wineries and discover the diversity of wines in a degustation - preferably accompanied by a hearty vintner snack. The vintners will be happy to explain various selection criteria. Following a wine trail through sun-drenched vineyards is another unforgettable experience which some vintners offer.

event tipps around the wine

With a magic bang and witches’ fire, the new »Wine witch of Wesel« emerges from a huge wine barrel in the middle of the historic market square.  She is an ambassador for the Oberwesel wine region. More...

Set against the historic atmosphere of the market square, vintners set up their wine booths, which give the festival its unique and special character. Make the most of this opportunity to taste any one of 150 finest wines from the Middle Rhine region, cultivated using various different methods, and enjoy the best our vintners have to offer.. More...