Oberwesel and its hosts

Tailor your holiday or short break to your individual preferences and requirements.
Whether you’re an avid camper, or prefer to stay in bed & breakfasts or holiday apartments, or would like to be pampered in a luxury hotel - the town of Oberwesel in the romantic Middle Rhine region will delight you!
Hotels, restaurants, bed & breakfasts, holiday homes and apartments, youth hostels, camping sites and wineries from Oberwesel and the surrounding area await you with a warm welcome!



Accommodation Directory

Here you can download our Accommodation Directory (pdf, 9,9 MB)!

German classification criteria

Stars are signs of quality for accommodation in Germany, and provide transparency and product safety. They are valid for a period of 3 years in each case. The stars given are the result of corresponding classification by the Deutscher Hotel- und Gaststättenverband (DEHOGA) or the Deutscher Tourismusverband (DTV).

Accommodation providers with no stars have not participated in this voluntary classification. This bears no relation to their standard of facilities.


I. German hotel classifications (www.hotelsterne.de)

* Tourist Accommodation for simple expectations
** Standard Accommodation for moderate expectations
*** Comfort Accommodation for raised expectations
**** First Class Accommodation for high expectations
***** Luxury Accommodation for the highest expectations
Superior Stars Establishments (S) offer the facilities of the next category up, but are unable to fulfil all the criteria because of building restrictions.

II. German classifications for guest houses, motels and bed and breakfasts (www.klassifizierung.de)

G * Accommodation for simple expectations
G ** Accommodation for moderate expectations
G *** Accommodation for raised expectations
G **** Accommodation for high expectations

III. DTV classification for holiday apartments and cottages as well as private rooms (www.deutschertourismusverband.de)

Holiday apartments and cottages are designated by an ‘’F“, whereas private rooms are shown with a ‘’P“.
F* or P* Simple and appropriate overall facilities with simple level comfort. Basic facilities are
available and in a usable condition.
F** or P** Appropriate, good, well cared for overall facilities with moderate level of comfort.
Facilities well maintained. Functionality is the prime concern.
F*** or P*** Homely overall facilities with good level of comfort. Better quality facilities. Visually
appealing overall impression, with value placed on decor and comfort.
F**** or P**** High quality overall facilities with high level of comfort. High level and well cared for
facilities. Coordinated overall visual impression.
F***** or P***** First class overall facilities with special additional services. Generous facilities. Very
well cared for and exclusive overall impression.